Maintenance & Refresher

After we have completed your organizing project, maintenance and refresher sessions may be recommended at 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and/or one year intervals, depending on your individual needs.

Maintenance & Refresher Session | Contracted Hourly Rate

Daily Money Management

Daily Money Management Services are offered on an ad hoc basis or an ongoing basis. An in-person consultation is required for this type of service.

Phone Consultation | FREE
In-Person Consultation | $250.
Daily Money Management | $100./hour

Hands-On Organizing

After your on-site organizing consultation, we'll schedule an organizing session and get to work. Full Day (6 Hours) & Half Day (3 Hours) Sessions are offered. The actual number of sessions you need will depend on your specific circumstances.

Hands-On Organizing Session | $100./Hour

Organizing Rates

No hidden fees. No pre-paid commitments. Work with me as little or as much as you'd like. You are in control of your budget.

Virtual Organizing & Research

For certain clients, I now offer Virtual Organizing via Skype or Facetime. Virtual research services also available.

Virtual Organizing & Research | $100./Hour

Time Management

Time Management is a process. Some individuals prefer to work with me over an extended period of time as they refine their skills. Others prefer to take a DIY approach, taking advantage of a Time Management Tune-Up Package I offer that includes a consultation, time management analysis and  a personalized time management plan tailored to your situation.

Time Management Consultation | $250.

Time Management Session | $100./Hour

Time Management Tune-Up | $595.


A consultation provides an opportunity for you to discuss your organizing needs and allows you to become more familiar with how I can help you. On-site Consultations are more in-depth and typically will include a few on-the-spot organizing tips. A DIY (Do It Yourself) consultation includes a written organizational plan tailored to your needs.

Phone Consultation | FREE

On-Site Consultation | $150.- $250.

DIY Consultation | $595.

Organizing Consultant | Daily Money Manager

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